Dear Colleagues, Dearest and Respected Friends,

 I hope my letter reaches you healthy and successful.

 Vytautas Magnus University is canceling events until August. 31st 2020 due to the difficult situation regarding COVID-19. This means that the long-awaited adn already organized Summer school of GT and QM 2020 at VMU, whose concept has been discussed and thought, is being moved to June 2021. We do this by thinking primarily about the health of the lecturers and participants. Therefore, we believe that such a solution is wise.

 Thank you for your kindness and your trust that as an institution VMU is able to organize a significant international scientific event (as we proved it not once). 

We believe that next year we will be healthy and successful and we will be  cacpable to implement the Summer school on GT and QM 2021 successfully as well.

 Background: to date we have received 64 motivation letters for attending a summer school from fifteen countries around the world. This fact demonstrates the need for the SS on GT & WM, while showing people’s confidence in lecturers, Vytautas Magnus University, and people’s willingness to learn qualitative research.

 Thank you for your cooperation.

I wish you health and strength, optimism and flexibility in experiencing quite complicated conditions that affect our physical, social, psychological and spiritual dimensions. 

If you have some questions, please e-mail to vilma.zydziunaite@vdu.lt and vaida.jurgile@vdu.lt 

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of SS GT & QM 2020 at VMU 

Sincerely yours,

 Vilma Zydziunaite

PhD, Professor Habilitatus

Vytautas Magnus University

Kaunas, Lithuania  



Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to International Summer School on Grounded Theory and Qualitative Methods 2020 at Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania. This Summer School continues the tradition of learning the qualitative research, which has been started at the University of Pisa, Italy, four years ago.

It is a scientific event of great importance for doctoral studentsand researchers / scholars, who prepare their research for conducting, or already are implementing their research studies, or are on the way to finalize their research.

So, on June 22-26, 2020, the Academy of Education with the Institute of Educational Research at Vytautas Magnus University, the School of Social Researcher in collaboration with the University of Pisa (Italy) and the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI) will organize the International Summer School On Grounded Theory and Qualitative Methods 2020 (ISS GT QM VMU 2020).

In this Summer School 2020 equal emphasis will be given to grounded theory, interpretive phenomenological analysis (IPA), ethnography, qualitative content analysis, IT use in qualitative research, social networking and media research.

The essence of learning philosophy in the Summer School 2020 will be the following: the balance between theoretical considerations and practical implementation; minimum theory and maximum of practice. You will have the opportunity to learn in small groups according to the specific methods you choose. In training, you will develop and improve your research methodology skills and understanding from concept to conceptualization, from data collection to interpretation in regard to specific methodologies. The professors will aim to give you opportunities to practice techniques, ask questions and get detailed answers on particular qualitative methodologies. The main format  of learning will be workshops or seminars with the focus on particular methodology. Therefore, your questions, activity and interest will be important to the quality of the international summer school.

The scholars, professors conducting the seminars are experts in specific qualitative methodologies, representing universities in various European countries and internationally recognized: Prof. Antony Bryant (Leeds Beckett University, UK), Prof. PhD Jonathan Smith (Birkbeck University of London, United Kingdom), Assoc. Prof. PhD Michael Dellwing (Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany), prof. PhD Andrea Salvini and Research fellow, PhD Irene Psaroudakis (University of Pisa, Italy), research fellow, PhDJudita Kasperiūnienė and Prof. Vilma Žydžiūnaitė (Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania).

Already book these dates  – 22-26 June, 2020  – and book your time now. We meet soon – at the end of June next year to study qualitative research methodology at Vytautas Magnus University.


Dates: 22-26 June, 2020

Venue:Putvinskio str. 23,Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania

You will be notified of your (non) acceptance no later than ten days after receipt of your letter. If you will be notified as a student of International School on Grounded Theory and Qualitative Methods 2020 at Vytautas Magnus University, thus you are expected to be at a time on Monday, 22th June, 2020

What will not be covered? You are responsible to cover your travel, accomodation and nutrition expenses by yourself.

We look forward to seeing you – well-meaning, creative, enthusiastic students who want to learn, create and share knowledge and experiences. See you in June next year!

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